“Let’s create a fundraising video for the gala dinner…..”

I'm currently supporting a client through the processes of creating and producing a major donor fundraising  dinner.

It's not their first time this particular charity has held a dinner, however, due to capacity and other issues, the decision has been made that now (or 2017) is the right time to dust off the table cloths, open up the table-planning software, and host an event for 350 people to raise funds for a particular service of the charity.

I've been lucky to be have been involved in numerous fundraising dinners both in the UK and abroad, and one day when I get my PhD in Charity Dinners, you can read my thesis on their various merits, however, today, my client and I had a discussion concerning the creative for the dinner video.

My client has a very impressive and solid marketing background, and I've also had experience in the creative arts (I have a post graduate diploma in Retail Marketing, don't you know!?) so we let the ideas flow and started to link a video creative concept to the cause.

This is difficult. An hour in, and after coming full circle, we agreed to let the ideas peculate for a day or two.

And what is also difficult is the answer to the question "Does the video at a fundraising dinner make any significant difference in the value of donation a person was going to pledge/give before they watched the video?" - Especially as a good quality video can cost and take time to create.

Maybe I'll answer that in my PhD.

So, until then, I thought I'd share a great fundraising video with you. I'm not sure if this was shown at a large fundraising dinner event, but I think it is a great example of using story telling to connect to the cause, but in an engaging and fun way.

Well done to the creative team at The Rainforest Alliance.


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