The Challenge

Successful fundraising is vital for any charity to be able to provide services for its beneficiaries, and you may be experts in your field of service, but how about your fundraising?

Have you asked the questions “Do we you have the right people following the right fundraising strategy the right way at the right time?

or “Could we be raising more? How do we do raise more? Can we raise more?”

Fact – Any cause can raise funds -it’s not a case of “Their cause is more ‘sexy’ than ours” (a phrase often heard), but perhaps there are gaps in your fundraising skills, processes, confidence or a mixture of all three.

At Ben Morrison Consulting we will work with you to help reginite your fundraising and prove that your charity can generate as much voluntary income as you wish.

Firstly we will learn about where you are as a fundraising organisation and what your goals are.

Then we will review how you currently fundraise and from this information present you with recommendations of possible ways forward, include various options for you to choose.

Fundraising is an art, a science and requires time, and like everything worthwhile, there is no quick fix, however Ben Morrison Consulting has a track record of helping charities of all sizes and causes to raise more funds, no matter where they start from.

Get in touch today to start your new fundraising journey.

“We were looking for someone to provide an “external perspective” of the current fundraising and marketing functions in our organisation with the aim of supporting the creation of a fundraising and marketing strategy which links into a future organisation wide business strategy.

Ben Morrison Consulting dealt with some historical dynamics with sensitivity and a high degree of professionalism.  They have a substantial level of experience in and knowledge of fundraising and demonstrable success and I have no hesitation in recommending their services”.

CEO of Charity

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