The challenge

The charity’s existing synagogue, built in 1974 has become too small for the growing community.

It is not fit-for use, too costly to repair, doesn’t meet current space requirements and its leaking.

The vision is for a new building for future generations – the best space possible for a community who require flexible, multi purposed areas in which to thrive and host social and educational activities for all ages and its religious services.

But, as a charity, they had never undertaken a significant capital appeal before, and did not have the processes, internal knowledge or infrastructure to carry out a £5m capital campaign.

What we did

Guided the fundraising committee and staff through the necessary stages, building in processes to create a campaign campaign, teaching step-by-step what to do, how, and when – including:-

  • Feasibility and prospect research – did the charity have the potential to raise the funds required?
  • Creating the fundraising brochures and direct mail appeals –  the narrative for why the new building is needed.
  • Created a training course on soliciting gifts for  all the volunteer fundraisers – so all involved felt confident to ask for support.
  • Provided ongoing professional guidance and expert fundraising knowledge at every step – being available to give guidance when needed.

The result – construction commencing in early 2021

Let’s Make Things Happen

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