Fundraising in 2022

Covid-19, has been devastating for charities and placed considerable pressures on fundraising teams. It has also provided the impetus to re-evaluate long-held principles and approach your donor outreach in different, innovative, ways.

While fundraising has long depended on face-to-face, personal interactions, Covid-19 has accelerated the move towards digital activities – with considerable success.
Since the start of the pandemic, many charities have created innovative, highly effective events and campaigns which have enabled existing supporters to support their favourite causes while attracting many more new donors.
During this time, we have worked with a range of charities to help them pivot their fundraising events and donor solicitation towards these digital and virtual fundraising methods. Crucially, we will help you develop a long-term strategy so that future digital events can work successfully with traditional fundraising events such as annual dinners.
So whatever the future brings, we’ll help ensure your fundraising is effective and successful, both today and long into the future.

Fundraising image

We met Ben as a young charitable organisation that had a dream in place – to open a school for vulnerable young children. Ben provided us with the stepping stones to create a voice for the charity, alongside this his advice gave us the confidence and skills to develop our own fundraising skills which latterly enabled us to raise the funds to open the school.

Aside from this Ben is great to deal with calm, thoughtful and always positive – anything is achievable with him onside!’

Ali Durban - Co Founder, Gesher School

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